Pre-sale Service
  • We will arrange the most suitable salesperson to follow up related business negotiations with the customers from different countries or regions.
  • Per customer needs, we will provide catalog brochure, aluminum extrusions samples and color sample with the customer to confirm what the to-be-processed product he needs. Specialty color can be customized well in 3 to 5 days after we receive the color swatch from customers.
  • On-line chatting makes customers accessible to us, helping to clear their doubt of related technical parts.
  • After we receive the drawing or the template, our related technology department will review the feasibility of production and estimate the mold cost. In addition, we can propose the optimal program according to the practical use, therefore minimizing costs for customers.
  • We are equipped with the professional team of drawing design, so specially designed molds can be accurately provided with the customer within 1 to 2 days.
  • Once the customer confirms the related terms and quotations, our salesman will prepare for signing the commercial contract with the customer.
Assembly Test
  • For each specially design mold, we will make one 300mm aluminum extrusion profile as the sample, which is used to verify the size and the assembly issues by customer.
  • After receiving the feedback about the sizes difference during assembly, we could slightly arrange the specifications to form a new mold.
  • With the double confirmed mold, we can process the aluminum profiles in batch production.
After-sale Service
  • We will point out the do's and don'ts about transportation, storage, use and maintenance.
  • We willingly accept feedback from users. In addition, our customer service department will do a survey on customer satisfaction by telephone or questionnaire.
  • Prompt reply shows our highly attention to any after-sale problems.
  • We will sincerely help you solve the problems within a short period. Thanks for your patience.
Service Concept

Actively, rapidly and efficiently solving any problems which the customer mentioned enables the customer to feel the greatest satisfaction.

Warranty Service

We are certified for our product quality. Therefore, we can guarantee the product performance by providing the quality certificate of our product that customer ordered. During the production process, we strictly comply with the international standard or China occupation standards which are put forward in the contract. If any quality problems occur when the customer operate it properly within the expiration, JMA will provide the replacement unconditionally.

Assembly Guidance

If you need our help with the assembly or installment, feel free to contact us by telephone, fax or email. We will help you solve any problems within 24 hours through on-line chatting or video guide.

Service System

JMA strictly enforces the ISO9001 quality management system. We have established a relatively perfect quality tracking system, by which any problem can be traced back to figure out the reason in a timely manner. Additionally, formulation of many after-sale service procedures and measures ensure the fastest feedback to the relevant departments to solve the problems in a timely manner.

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