Not yet assembled aluminum extrusion profiles should be stored in ventilated dry rooms. For those aluminum profiles which needs to be deposited in the open air, please make sure the outer packaging is fully removed. If products are exposed to rain or snow, immediately remove all packaging and separate them so they can dry completely.

During installation, customers need to be careful about the aluminum profiles surface contacting with walls. Anticorrosive treatment need be done to protect contact section from being polluted by strong acids and bases such as lime, cement and mortar. High granularity and easily decomposable films or wrappings should not be used for packaging or strapping aluminum profiles in case of corrosion on the surface.

Clean the aluminum extrusion profiles with a soft cloth. Tap water or 5% neutral soapy water is a better choice. Rinsing by highly corrosive solvent such as xylene or acetone and scrubbing by steel wool should be avoided.

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