Express Delivery

This service mainly aims at delivering catalog brochures, samples, and color sample which customers often request. JMA has built a long term business relationship with a few international large courier companies such as DHL and TNT. Therefore, we can help the customer save on shipping and get the samples out as soon as possible. Accordingly, the customer can make a repaid decision on when to place an order.

FCL Shipping

Located near the three international terminals of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, JMA will make full use of the geographical advantages. According to customer requirements for time of shipment, we adopt overland transportation of trailer to flexibly arrange the shipment on board at either one of the three international terminals. No matter how urgent the customer schedules are, JMA is capable of providing shipping time and shipping company for customer reference.

How do we do it? According to the need of departure time, products will board respectively at the Guangzhou Huangpu Port, Shenzhen Yantian Port and Shekou Port. Meanwhile, depending on different destination ports, we choose different shipping companies such as MSK, MSC, COSCO and OOCL etc.. In this way, we could help the customer save more cost of import by providing more favorable freight. In the meantime, we make it possible to achieve shipment at different clearance time from Monday to Sunday. All we do is to guarantee the shipping time as agreed in the contract.

LCL Shipping

LCL orders are welcome. Cooperated with some shipping companies which are experienced at LCL service, we can ship products from three international terminals of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong to every major port and inland destinations around the world. According to customer needs, we are responsible for LCL export clearance. Depending on the characteristics of LCL, we will reinforce the packing of products for more protection. Our aim is to safely deliver goods to the customer as affordably as possible.

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